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5 Benefits of using Ginger as a Morning Sickness Remedy

Morning sickness is unpleasant and despite what its name states can occur at any time of the day. Morning sickness can take a toll, there is no disputing that and unfortunately can be common among mum's to be.

However, there are remedies to help ease the effects of the dreaded Morning sickness.

One of the most common morning sickness remedies is the supreme stomach soother ginger.

Ginger has a history of aiding digestion and reducing nausea so the question becomes how good is ginger really as a morning sickness remedy? In this article I will be discussing 5 key benefits of ginger when tackling the dreaded morning sickness.

1 - Ginger is extremely effective when countering Nausea.

According to Healthline, ginger is especially effective in reducing nausea among pregnant women. Ginger stimulates a person’s digestive system making it process faster. This allows your body to regulate hormones which relaxes the body and in turn reduces the nausea effect.

Ginger is also a natural safe alternative option when compared to medical drugs. And it tastes delicious.

All this is supported by medical studies that show one gram of ginger per day is a safe way to treat nausea and vomiting. It is recommended to have ginger ale and or ginger tea however if you’re on the go and want a quick solution,  ginger tablets and candied ginger offer a rapid solution.

ginger morning sickness remedies
2 - Ginger and its effect on digestion

Morning sickness heightens your sense of smell putting you off to certain foods potentially causing queasiness. Morning sickness also leads to a rise in estragon that makes the digestion process less efficient as estragon relaxes the muscles used in digestion. Morning sickness can also lead to an increase in saliva production once again leading to that dreaded queasy feeling.  Ginger can help regulate the production of saliva as well as stimulate the gut into digestion.

Many have found that even the smell of natural ginger can help ease the queasy feeling. An easy and convenient way for all you busy mums out there is an aromatic inhalerthat offers rapid relief to help with that queasy feeling. 


3 - Ginger allows you to be creative.

Ginger is a spice and is easily available and potentially already in your kitchen right now. Some ways to get your 1 gram a day to help keep the nausea away is to add a thin slice to hot water or enjoy a cold ginger ale.

For all you sweet tooth friends out there try add some ginger candy or jam over some ice cream for a truly indulgent way to treat yourself because you absolutely deserve it.

However, if kitchen admin isn’t your thing, we recommend some easy eat ginger-based products to satisfy your cravings while being a delicious way of being a morning sickness treatment. These include Ginger Lozenges and Candied Ginger which can be taken as is or broken down and sprinkled over yummy treats or dissolved in warm drinks to truly match your needs.


4 - Ginger has many other benefits

Ginger has many positive side effects. Not only does ginger help the gut digest and reduce nausea it also has the ability to reduce flu like symptoms and the common cold. Ginger has high anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.  Ginger can also help with joint pains which is helpful as your body goes through its hormonal changes. Ginger can be a natural way to reduce cramps during the early part stage (first trimester of pregnancy).

Morning Sickness rest


5 - Ginger can help regulate temperature.

Pregnancy is a time of hormonal changes and can lead to hot flushes and cold shivers out of the blue. Ginger helps regulate your body's temperature by warming up your body. This is especially useful during winter or on a cold day as ginger not only removes the discomfort of rapid internal temperature changes but also acts as a natural remedy against the flu.

 morning sickness remedies